Dear blog owner and visitors,

This blog had been infected to serve up Gootloader malware to Google search victims, via a common tactic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) poisioning. Your blog was serving up 379 malicious pages. Your blogged served up malware to 88 visitors.

I tried my best to clean up the infection, but I would do the following:

  • Upgrade WordPress to the latest version (one way the attackers might have gained access to your server)
  • Upgrade all WordPress themes to the latest versions (another way the attackers might have gained access to your server)
  • Upgrade all WordPress plugins (another way the attackers might have gained access to your server), and remove any unnecessary plugins.
  • Verify all users are valid (in case the attackers left a backup account, to get back in)
  • Change all passwords (for WordPress accounts, FTP, SSH, database, etc.) and keys. This is probably how the attackers got in, as they are known to brute force weak passwords
  • Run antivirus scans on your server
  • Block these IPs ( and, either in your firewall, .htaccess file, or in your /etc/hosts file, as these are the attackers command and control servers, which send malicious commands for your blog to execute
  • Check cronjobs (both server and WordPress), aka scheduled tasks. This is a common method that an attacker will use to get back in. If you are not sure, what this is, Google it
  • Consider wiping the server completly, as you do not know how deep the infection is. If you decide not to, I recommend installing some security plugins for WordPress, to try and scan for any remaining malicious files. Integrity Checker, WordPress Core Integrity Checker, Sucuri Security,
    and Wordfence Security, all do some level of detection, but not 100% guaranteed
  • Go through the process for Google to recrawl your site, to remove the malcious links (to see what malicious pages there were, Go to Google and search agreement)
  • Check subdomains, to see if they were infected as well
  • Check file permissions

Gootloader (previously Gootkit) malware has been around since 2014, and is used to initally infect a system, and then sell that access off to other attackers, who then usually deploy additional malware, to include ransomware and banking trojans. By cleaning up your blog, it will make a dent in how they infect victims. PLEASE try to keep it up-to-date and secure, so this does not happen again.


The Internet Janitor

Below are some links to research/further explaination on Gootloader:

This message

Trump is the bombastic, aggressive, fearless business leader who is ready to take on any challenge, defend his often controversial opinions and relentlessly pursue his goals.
But in a story I reported on about the day that the presumptive GOP nominee cheated death showed another side…fearful, hesitant and…even sadness evidenced by a tear.
On October 10, 1989 a helicopter crashed along the Garden State Parkway killing three Trump executives: Stephen Hyde, 43, chief executive of Trump’s Atlantic City casinos, Mark Etess, 38, chief executive officer of the unfinished Taj Mahal casino, and Jonathan Benanav, 33, executive vice president of Trump Plaza. All three men were the masterminds of Trump’s expanding Atlantic City empire.
As fate would have it, Donald Trump was not onboard, but he was a changed man after the crash…even crying in public.
“Donald is standing alone at the casket, and looking at the picture of Stephen Hyde, and Jack [co-author of Trumped!] said he was certain that he saw a tear in Donald’s eye as he was standing there alone. But then he said like that he turned around and he said he was on again,” said James Rutherford, author of “Trumped!”
Shows me that the portrayal of any national figure in the media is only a part of the story.  Even The Donald is capable of emotion.  People should understand that there’s a human component to even the harshest business leaders.
Guess the only question I have is whether the tear Trump dropped that day was for his friend who would not be at his side any longer…or the reality that without this rising business star, the AC experiment might crash and burn as well.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has been portrayed as a racist for his comments on terrorism and immigration. Many of his detractors include mainstream media personalities and even Republicans who are joining the “Dump Trump” movement. This has even led some to proclaim publicly that convention rules should be changed to deny Trump the nomination.

During my recent conversation with Governor Christie, I had a chance to ask him about labels some are putting on Trump. He was quick to point out that the presumptive nominee’s focus has been on success and who can help him, not race. “Donald Trump is all about success and he doesn’t care what religion you practice, what color you are, where you come from,” said Christie.

The greater question is whether or not life has gotten better for minorities under the Obama administration policies which Hillary Clinton supports. The unemployment rate among blacks reached double the national average. Violence in the inner city is a daily problem. The incarceration rate disproportionately affects minorities.

Trump has not had a chance to prove himself in public office yet, but as a part of the Obama administration, Hillary has not proven that she would be an asset for minorities. Before anyone throws the racist label at Donald Trump let’s take a step back and analyze the facts first.

At the crossroads of multi billion dollar hedge funds and politics lies the business of sex. Call it the world’s oldest profession but my exclusive interview with Kristin Davis, the infamous Manhattan Madam, will shed some light on some of the hypocrisy surrounding our laws governing the actions beautiful young women willingly engage in with paying clients.
Kristin Davis became publicly known as the Manhattan Madam in the wake of former NY governor Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal in 2008. She had spent five years making millions of dollars running a high end online prostitution ring, providing the services of 120 women to the world’s most powerful men. According to Davis Eliot Spitzer was by far lower on a list which included heads of countries.
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