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It’s no secret that Donald Trump has been portrayed as a racist for his comments on terrorism and immigration. Many of his detractors include mainstream media personalities and even Republicans who are joining the “Dump Trump” movement. This has even led some to proclaim publicly that convention rules should be changed to deny Trump the nomination.

During my recent conversation with Governor Christie, I had a chance to ask him about labels some are putting on Trump. He was quick to point out that the presumptive nominee’s focus has been on success and who can help him, not race. “Donald Trump is all about success and he doesn’t care what religion you practice, what color you are, where you come from,” said Christie.

The greater question is whether or not life has gotten better for minorities under the Obama administration policies which Hillary Clinton supports. The unemployment rate among blacks reached double the national average. Violence in the inner city is a daily problem. The incarceration rate disproportionately affects minorities.

Trump has not had a chance to prove himself in public office yet, but as a part of the Obama administration, Hillary has not proven that she would be an asset for minorities. Before anyone throws the racist label at Donald Trump let’s take a step back and analyze the facts first.